Research and development lab

LipoFluidics® a unique liposomal delivery system

Over the last decade Spectrumceuticals® have been conducting research and development into liposomal technologies through third party laboratories. In 2022, we commenced building from green field a new state of the art research and development facility including a pilot scale laboratory. As of 2024, the pilot laboratory is been scaled up to a complete cleanroom with cGMP manufacturing facilities for 2025. We will keep you posted as developments occur.

We have developed a uniform propriety liposomal delivery system using high quality ingredients with microfluidizer technology and in process PCS validation to transport active ingredients in nutritional supplementation.

From research to application LipoFluidics® is a unique method of forming liposomes with a uniform size distribution, and an average size of 60 nm or less

Pharma grade Phosphatidylcholine

Highest quality pharmaceutical grade phosphatidylcholine for our LIPOFLUIDICS® delivery system

Microfluidizer technology

More precise control over particle size and distribution then other methodologies

In process PCS validation

With our own inhouse Dynamic Light Scattering (aka PCS), nano particle size validation is instantaneous

An advanced nanoparticle delivery system formed within phospholipid bilayers for a broad spectrum of bioactive compounds.