Activ-Vial Probiotic Packaging Technology


Fridge free

Moisture-tight probiotic packaging technology


Available to order 29 May

Five trusted probiotic formulations will now be fridge free with no additional excipients. Over the course of 2024 Spectrumceuticals will be transitioning from refrigerated packaging to Activ-Vial fridge free packaging. The strains are all considered ‘live’ probiotic strains, We have a separate range of micro-encapsulated probiotics branded as ProBioFlora which are manufactured utilising a different process.
The transitioning Spectrumceuticals refrigerated existing probiotic formulations in May and June 2024 are;
– Pro8-Forte 30 & 60 capsules (upgraded formulation)
– Pro4-50 30 & 60 capsules
– Pro4-50 50 gram oral powder
– ProBiosis 30 & 60 capsules (upgraded formulation)
– Infant and Child Flora 60 gram oral powder (NEW formulation)
This medicine may not be right for you, Read the label before purchase. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your health professional. 

How does Activ-Vial™ keep probiotics stable?

The inside Activ-Polymer sleeve is a moisture absorbing desiccant vial.

Moisture is trapped within the headspace of the outer container away from the probiotics.

Capsules and powder are sealed
within the inner desiccant vial.

Activ-Vial containers eliminate the need for desiccant sachets by integrating a polymer sleeve within the bottle design.

The 3-Phase Activ-Polymer sleeve surrounds the capsules inside the bottle and provides 360-degree protection from moisture that would otherwise seep through the walls of a standard bottle

Allows for 24 months stability at room temperature (no refrigeration needed).

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