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Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3® a probiotic strain containing a complete enzymatic system enabling synthesis, uptake and redox regeneration of reduced glutathione. Learn more…

Exclusive to Spectrumceuticals®


Buy 3 get 1 free probiotic DECEMber DEAL*

* On Me-3, LRE02, LGG and Pro4 Powder

Buy 3 Me-3 Get 1 Free; Buy 3 LRE02 Reuteri Get 1 Free; Buy 3 LGG Get 1 Free; Buy 3 Pro4-50 D-Lactate Powder Get 1 Free

December Only Deal Wholesale Customers Only

Maximum selling prices
s.48 of the Competition and Consumer Act – ‘a supplier may specify a maximum price for retail’. Spectrumceuticals Pty Ltd set a MRP on all our products to protect patients from “price gouging”, we may choose to refuse supply to any wholesale customer charging above our MRP/RRP. Wholesale customers may choose to sell at or below our MRP/RRP.

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