Our Regulatory Compliance

Our products are practitioner-prescribed complementary medicines listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

Our products are exclusively supplied to healthcare professionals as described in section 42AA of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 and retail sale should only occur after consultation with a patient.

A dispensing pack is defined in TGO69 as: ‘in relation to complementary healthcare, [dispensing pack] means a pack which is to be supplied solely to complementary healthcare practitioners for supply to a person after affixing an instruction label following a consultation with that person.’

A consultation with a healthcare professional ought to provide a discreet area where patient privacy can be assured. The practitioner is expected to maintain accurate, complete and up-to-date clinical records; retain all patient records in a safe and secure area for the duration required by state or federal law.

We define a practitioner as a: ‘Chiropractor, Dentist (including Hygienist, Prosthetics, Therapist), General Practitioner, Psychiatrist, Physician, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Optometrist, Osteopath, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Psychologist’ with the relevant qualifications from a recognised institution and a registered association.

Prior to us completing a practitioner’s registration for direct sale or for the purposes of dispensary using our Patient Billing and Delivery Service, we do require that practitioners disclose their profession, the institution where they gained their qualifications, and the association they are registered with as a healthcare professional. Professional details will not be disclosed without a practitioner’s expressed permission (refer to our privacy policy on this website). If a practitioner chooses, we can include their practices in our ‘Find a Practitioner’ section on this website, for patient convenience.

It is the practitioner’s responsibility to ensure that, in distributing any products, they comply with any applicable state and federal laws, including the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989, regulating the public display and sale of goods.

As a practitioner, you agree to indemnify us in relation to any claim arising from the failure to observe any law regulating the public display and sale of goods that we sell you.

Our products may not be advertised in print or electronic media without prior authorisation from us.

The prescribing practitioner is required to demonstate to Spectrumceuticals that they are registered with a professional association, including identifying the clinic or location where they conduct consultations.

Our company policy is our high potency formulas are for dispensing through healthcare professionals whose primary business is patient care.