Our Manufacturing


Spectrumceuticals’ formulations are manufactured in Australia in a TGA-licensed facility with the technology to minimise the need and quantity of inactive excipients, such as allergenic fillers and binders.

Our manufacturing partners have the capability to source and control the supply of ingredients required to meet our high quality product specifications.

Our principal manufacturing partner is focused on Quality Assurance and is TGA Licensed, Certified Organic and cGMP compliant. GMP status is certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) — part of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing — and attaining GMP status is dependent on meeting specific audit requirements. GMP is a certified process that ensures consistency in the manufacturing process. It significantly minimises the risk of error, therefore protecting patients from formulation and manufacturing irregularities. GMP standardises all aspects of the manufacturing process (mixing, encapsulating, bottling, labelling) and testing (batch identification, analysis and stability).

Each batch and every one of our ingredients is assayed by our ingredients vendors for microbials, heavy metals and other contaminants. All the ingredients used in the manufacture of Spectrumceuticals’ formulations are further identified and tested for contaminants and tolerance to specification upon receipt and delivery to the manufacturing laboratory prior to being cleared for mixing and encapsulating.

Once ingredients have been cleared after comprehensive testing, our formulations are manufactured in a state of-the-art humidity-controlled facility which is critical to our high quality and product stability expectations.