Short Courses by Spectrumceuticals

The purpose of our short complementary courses, is to introduce dispensing pharmacists and practice managers to material on methylation, pyrrole, probiotics in health and disease as well as other subjects.

Each course has multiple lessons of 15-20 minute duration with a short quiz at the conclusion to help embed the main points from the lesson, these quizzes are not graded or saved to a central database.

You have the facility to ask specific confidential questions to our Education team through the ‘My Message’ facility, please be aware that it may take time for our team to respond due to the nature of the question asked and the availability of our team. If your message is urgent call us on 1300 852 775 and our customer service manager can relay the message to our practitioners.

Please complete the course feedback input fields if you would like to make suggestions on the current material or request for new material.


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